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Salakta Fertilizer Company (SFC)

Salakta Fertilizer Company SFC is a company specializing primarily in the production of phosphate-fertilizers. SFC is currently selling Single Superphosphate (SSP) as well as Triple Superphosphate (TSP) in both Powdered and Granulated forms. Our production capacity is currently 100 000 tons per year.


Achieve a Sustainable Growth/ Build a Community based on Trust

By maintaining the balance between economic development, social consciousness, and environmental awareness, we aim to sustainably grow our operations not only in scale but in scope as well. 

Our target is to build a community based on trust, in which customers play the role of partners. Our goal is to ultimately achieve a common vision in which profit and welfare are available within the network as a whole.

Values Vision

To decrease global food scarcity, by increasing the productivity of agricultural soils.

To fight deforestation and the use of pesticides, by increasing the fertility of existing farmlands.

To build a strong network, able to answer tomorrow’s generations’ needs.

To benefit our national Economy, by remaining a successful international player.


In the short run, our objective is to double the scale of our production, while simultaneously diversifying the range of phosphate-fertilizers we offer.

In the long run we aim to sustain and increase our main competitive advantage:

  • A standard high quality, that is consistent within every order.
  • Our ability to offer a product that is physically and chemically tailored to our partner’s needs.

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Our Products



Triple Superphosphate (TSP)

TSP has the ability to palliate most of the phosphorus deficiencies in a variety of soils....

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TSP has the ability to palliate most of the phosphorus deficiencies in a variety of soils. Its primary use targets cereal crops (wheat, barley, corn, etc.). Its high solubility (about 92% soluble water and citrate) assures efficient nourishment and therefore a better impact on the plant’s growth. Conclusive trials show that SFC is able to produce a granulated form of the highest standards, presenting excellent hardness and spherical aspect (See technical data sheet).


Superphosphate simple (SSP)

SFC envisioned the SSP production as a way to develop a phosphatic multi-nutrient...

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SFC envisioned the SSP production as a way to develop a phosphatic multi-nutrient fertilizer cheaper than TSP. SSP is usually used when TSP is not needed. SFC’s SSP should hence be an option to optimize the use of phosphate-fertilizers in various plantations. Its sulfate content is often necessary especially to grow grapes.


Certified Reach and ISO9001 Recycling embedded in our corporate culture. From the launch of SFC, sustainability has always played a major role in our operations. The reaction that occurs between the phosphate rock and the phosphoric acid inevitably causes gas emanations. To counter this phenomenon our founder has allocated a large portion of his initial investment, into the installation of a gas scrubbing facility. This expense allowed us to avoid air pollution while simultaneously increase our product quality: Indeed, the water used to clean the emanations being rich in P2O5, is then reincorporated in our process, granting our partners with a product that is both environmentally friendly and of a superior price to quality ratio.


The secret behind the quality we produce is in the know-how our workforce acquired over time. Being, for the majority, present from the launch of the company in 1998, our employees could grow with us allowing them to gain an unrivalled experience in the phosphate fertilizer industry. Their contentment is hence a prime asset for the company.

To nurture their wellbeing,

  • Early on in the development of the company, we have surrounded ourselves with professionals in OHS (Occupational Health, and Safety) Management Systems, allowing continuous improvements in the safety of our employees.
  • For our workforce to operate in a safe environment, we provide them with frequent formations on the correct use of our equipment, and the risks these may imply.
  • We have undertaken all the necessary actions to be certified REACH and ISO9001.
  • The efficiency of our workforce is rewarded with the satisfaction of job security. This allowed our company to constantly move up in its learning curve, which supports us in delivering the highest quality standards.


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